Levanta means “lift” in Portuguese and Spanish, and this unique quartet brings a collective intention to do just that: lift the music and the spirits of the listeners. The origin of the group is literally from a dream which is fulfilled in a quartet comprised of Thomas Workman on flutes, fujara, ngoni, hulusi and didgeridoo; Timothy Hill on vocals and guitar; Gabriel Dresdale on cello; and Evry Mann on percussion. Unusual instruments in combination give Levanta a breadth, depth and ability to morph through a wide rand of textures, rhythms and musical landscapes. 

We rehearse on a weekly basis, and have developed a deep rapport in our improvisations with a sense of perpetual frontier. New material, whether original or arrangement, goes through a collective process by which it becomes our own. From driving rhythms in odd meters, to the enchanting beauty of harmonic singing accompanied by cello and flute, to arrangements of music from Hermeto Pascoal, Dave Holland or Abdullah Ibrahim, Levanta lifts with music that lives on in the listening.

During the month of May Levanta will work with the great sound engineer Dave Cook of Area 52 to create our first studio recording!