Ancient2Future Sound Healing - Multi-Instrumentalist, Sound Healer, Teacher, Instrument  Builder


Thomas is on a path of exploration of sound and music that has taken six decades, with an emphasis on ancient and folkloric instruments of natural materials. Didjeridu, flutes of bamboo, bone and wood, nose flutes, conch shells, kamale n’goni, hulusi and khomus are among his many wind, string and percussion instruments.

Certified through the Sound & Music Institute as a sound healing facilitator, Thomas leads sessions with individuals and groups large and small. He also brings this capacity to the many yoga classes for which he plays. For this work, Thomas follows an intention and improvisational approach he calls “Guided Intuition”.

Thomas holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Harvard and a Master's in Art Education from Massachusetts College of Art. As artist in residence in schools all over the country, he has worked with many students, introducing them to and/or helping them construct unusual musical instruments from all around the world.  

Thomas currently performs with the quintet, Levanta and Sonark Trio. He has performed and/or recorded with Steve Gorn, Roswell Rudd, John Medeski, Club D’elf, Peter Blum and Arm-of-the-Sea Theater, among others.